White Papers - Awards Over Cash


1. Yes! Youth participation trophies

2. Awards are preferred over cash!

3. Recognition award presentations – Make them great!

4. Cash & gift card awards are costly

5. People love awards


Awards are preferred over cash!

Have you ever heard of a cancelled check display case?
You have heard of trophy display cases.

Can you remember the San Antonio Spurs players’ excitement as they received their 2007 NBA Championship trophy? That same fevered feeling of pride was relived at the championship ring presentation.

The money earned by the players is spent. The excitement, pride and accomplishment that resulted from a season of outstanding performance is embodied for a lifetime in the award trophy and ring.

Following the Spurs championship season, several H·E·B stores displayed the Spurs NBA Championship trophy.  You may have seen on the TV news long lines of people waiting to view the trophy.  Why are people going out of their way, waiting in long lines to glimpse the trophy? Two reasons…
  • People want symbols of success. Absent of their own, they will stand in line to share someone else’s.
  • People want to be part of a winning team. Winning is verified by symbols… a nicely furnished office, a beautiful home or car, an award trophy.
Cash pays bills.

Awards are unmistakable symbols that satisfy man’s need for verification of success, self worth and meaningful existence.

Awards vs Cash